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Rigid Foam InsulationRigid Foam InsulationRigid Foam Insulation
Flat Roof Insulation

Do you need to buy some flat roof insulation? There is a range of flat roof insulation products for insulating flat roofs available, with different specifications, so it can be confusing trying to find the right one for your job. There is a lot of information about these products online, so it would be worth while spending some time browsing the Internet to see if you can identify the product that meets your particular requirements. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what you might find.

1. Encon Insulation is selling its Multi-roll Superglass insulation products, which consist of fine, fire-resistant and resilient glass mineral wool, at various prices, depending on thickness. Multi-Roll mineral wool is suitable for insulating new roofs and existing roofs alike, improving the overall energy efficiency of the building and conforming with building regulations.  Multi-roll 44 is retailing for $5.22-$11.00, Multi-roll 40 is $4.93-$10.20, Multi-Roll cladding mat 40 is $5.10-$12.60 and Multi-Roll cladding mat 37 is $5.72-$9.79.

2. Isover Frame Batt 35, also at Encon, is designed for insulating warm roofs. The batts hold in place at 600mm centers in between rafters and do need any extra fittings. This product costs $5.36 for a pack of 8 batts each measuring 100mm thick x 570mm wide x 1175mm long.

3. Encon’s dual density Rockwool Duorock flat roofing boards are a cost-effective insulation material with heat retaining, sound-deadening, and fire-resistant properties. Duorock plain-or tissue-faced boards, which retail at $57.80 for a 48-pack of boards measuring 50mm thick x 2000mm long x 600 mm wide,  are designed to be used on high performance built up roofing.  Hardrock dual-density roofing board, which is tissue-faced, costs $57.60 for a pack.

4. Rockwool Acoustic Membrane, again from Encon, is a water-resistant, flexible, and high-density polymer that is both a cost-effective and high-performing product with great acoustic qualities. This flat roof insulation product can be used with flat roofs and built-up metal roofs. This material is priced at $155.00 for 21 rolls measuring 2.6mm thick x 1220mm wide x 6050 mm long.

5. Kingspan insulation from Encon, is an extruded polystyrene that is suitable for a rnage of insulation applications. This high performance product includes Thermaroof TR31, which incorporates 6mm plywood and is suitable for using underneath mastic asphalt and built up felt roof.  Thermaroof Tr31 costs $100.80 for a pack of 35 boards measuring 31mm thick x 2.4m long x 1.2m wide.

6. Eurothane Bi-3, a flat roof insulation from Recticel that can also be seen at the Encon web site, is designed for applications in warm flat roofs, under mastic asphalt roofs, under built-up felt roofs that have only been partially bonded, and with certain waterproofing systems. It costs $11.52 for a pack of 16 boards measuring 30mm thick x 1200mm long x 600mm wide.

These are just brief descriptions of a few of the many flat room insulation products available. For full specifications and further information you should go online and take a look at the various sites offering flat roof insulation.