Rigid Foam Insulation
A Look At Rigid Foam Insulaiton And Other Forms In Insulation
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Rigid Foam InsulationRigid Foam InsulationRigid Foam Insulation
Closed Cell Insulation - Stronger Than Open Cell Insulation

Closed cell insulation is a lot more expensive than its brother, open cell insulation. The reason for this is because closed cell is stronger and has a higher R- value than that of open cell insulation. This form of insulation has thousands of tiny cells closed and packed together. These cells are filled with gas which causes the foam to rise and expand and therefore a better insulator. As the foam dries the cells expand and seal the wall or under flooring completely. It is quite remarkable just what closed cell insulation can achieve. Because of its density and therefore sealing properties, close cell, though more costly, is used in the home construction industry these days.
Japan, however, has yet to use this type of sealing in the walls of houses and other buildings. This country still uses polystyrene sheets between walls for insulation. I suppose eventually the Japanese will realize the advantages of using closed cell insulation and start using it. Until that day or year comes, I guess the country will continue with the status quo. Closed cell insulation is recommended for areas of a building that may or do come in contact with water. Roofing, for example, is better suited to this type of insulation. Another advantage of using this form of insulation is the fact that a room can almost be sound-proofed. The foam seals walls cutting outdoor sounds drastically. This is not to say that a room is completely silent after having closed cell insulation, it simply means the room is a great deal quieter.
Clearly this form of insulation would be ideal in cold climates and no doubt many homeowners have opted for this form of insulation. It is interesting to note here that even in warmer or hot climates, insulation is an advantage. The main problem with a home being too hot or too cold is the fact that air is either escaping the structure or entering. Having the walls and floors sealed, stops this change of air and therefore keeps a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Each day in cities around the globe new homes are being constructed and in recent years most new homes are being insulated in one way or another, closed cell insulation is just one method and I’m sure, because of its many advantages, will become widely used in other countries aside from North America.