Rigid Foam Insulation
A Look At Rigid Foam Insulaiton And Other Forms In Insulation
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Rigid Foam InsulationRigid Foam InsulationRigid Foam Insulation
Rigid Foam Insulation - Doing Some Renovating?

Are you looking for some rigid foam insulation? There are various different types on the market that are suitable for various different applications and have different specifications. Finding the type of rigid foam insulation that will suit the job you have planned is a reasonably simple process if you search online. Here are a few examples of different types of rigid foam insulation to give you an idea of what is available.

1. Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Rigid Foam Insulation, which is described in detail at ToolBase, is suitable for insulating the foundations of buildings. It can be used on the inside or the outside of the foundations, depending on your particular project. It is very energy-efficient; an inch-thick piece of XPS has an R value of 5, and is highly moisture resistant. It is approved for use under national building codes in the U.S and, at $054-$1.12 per square foot for an R value of 10, compares well price-wise with other materials used for insulating foundations. It is particularly cost-effective when used to create a Frost-Protected Shallow Foundation in regions with colder temperatures.

2. Liquid foam insulation is an expanding type of insulation that is sprayed into or into the area to be insulated, usually wall cavities. It is usually a urethane foam, although you can also get latex and organic foams; however, the urethane foams have the highest R-value. The foam can either be sprayed from small canisters in liquid form or pressure sprayed in greater quantities as a foam. As the foam or liquid cures, it expands in volume and hardens into a rigid foam insulation, filling the cavity completely and sealing it. You can also buy liquid foams that cure more slowly and flow over obstacles before setting, and liquid foams that can be poured into place. Depending on the foam being used and the thickness of the wall, this type of insulation costs around $1,25-$2.25 per square foot. More information is available at EnergySavers. 

3. Molded Expanded Polystyrene (MEPS) Foam Board, usually called beadboard, is a moldable rigid foam insulation with an R-value of approximately 4 per inch width of material. Information on MEPS can be found at EnergySavers. It is made by heating unexpanded polystyrene beads until they become foam blocks that can be molded into shape. Beadboard has many non-insulation uses, such as making coffee cups or protective headgear, but is commonly used in construction as wall insulation or roof insulation. Boards used for roof insulation are several times more dense than are those used for wall insulation. Depending on the thickness required, 2400x1200mm rigid foam insulation boards made of MEPS can cost from between $10 and $25.

These are a few of the rigid foam insulation options available. Hopefully, this will have given you an idea of what you can buy and what the various products are used for. If you want to find out more, there is plenty of information on the Internet.